Leveling The Playing Field of living a unique life experience...

What I Want You to Know


My daughter Lorrin was always communicating.  She communicated in her way, energetically.  She never spoke and could not move her hands unless it was to smack me to get my attention for not feeding her or embarrassing her in public, (again).  Lorrin understood what people were saying and the vibrations of their energy.  In middle school we both wanted her to have normal friendships.   Lorrin spent most of her time with me and my friends who all loved and appreciated her;  but every young girl wants a best friend. 

Lorrin’s nurse Debbie took her to school every day.  Lorrin was attending a class with mainstream students in Horticulture with Mr. Saute.  The first trimester was very difficult and the kids were ignoring her and a bit mean.  Debbie was frustrated and felt that the mainstream class wasn’t working.  I heard Debbie but choose to keep on.  I told her, “Nothing in Lorrin’s life was easy and we never gave up.”  

On the first day of the second trimester of seventh grade Debbie stood up in front of the class and talked about Lorrin.  She explained to the students about Lorrin’s seizures, and her medication.  She talked about the fact that Lorrin should not be out in the sun for long periods of time due to the medication she was on.  She shared about Lorrin’s love of shopping and chocolate.  That Lorrin watched the Disney channel and enjoyed all the things that teenagers do.  One of the most important things that Debbie said on that day was, “Lorrin is totally comfortable with who she is.” 

Debbie asked if anyone had any questions?  Hands were raised and students asked all kinds of questions; Can she walk? Can she talk?  Does she cry?  Does her mother like her?  How does she eat?  Are you with her all the time?  Can she hear?  How does she go to the bathroom?  Is her mother happy?  Debbie invited the students to visit Lorrin and her classmates in the special ed class that she was in. 

On that day Lorrin’s life was forever changed.  Two separate groups of girls came into Lorrin’s class.  For the next two years  every day before school, at lunch, and break time a handful of students visited Lorrin’s class.  Because of Debbie on that fateful day when she allowed Lorrin’s peers to ask questions they started to understand that Lorrin was just like they were and  totally fine in her body.  

Lorrin’s best friend Sarah Rivera and Kelsey, Taylor, Jennifer, Brianna,  Z, and a handful of other girls became my daughter's world.  Lorrin had sleep overs, and was invited to parties.  She was approached by boys at the mall to say hello.  Many of the girls applied to work in the class and became friends with all of Lorrin’s classmates.  They would greet her on the bus and sit by her side telling her all of their secrets.  The girls would run into class just to see if Lorrin was awake and what she was wearing.  Lorrin was always dressed in the latest fashion.

As Lorrin’s mother I got the chance to experience regular teenage antics.  Lorrin was in the school musical, did prank phone calling, toilet papered a house, was invited to birthday parties.  On a few occasions the girls would take Lorrin and hide her from me.  One time the girls were over and I went to get the mail.  The girls somehow snuck Lorrin out of the house and pushed her down the street.  Lorrin never moved an inch but in that moment feeling an immediate panic followed by  joy of having a  regular child experience.  Sarah would often hide Lorrin from me.  Just to see if I was paying attention and I guess basically because she could.   

It is my belief that by allowing people to ask simple questions which helped them understand how Lorrin lived her life in her unique style paved the way to friendships that have allowed me to experience some of the best days of Lorrin’s life. 

I hope by sharing others personal stories and opinions how they are living their unique lives I can raise awareness and spread a message of love and hope.

It has always been my mission and my wish that Lorrin enjoy her life to the fullest.  I miss her greatly and heard in meditation that this was a project of great importance.   Her entire life she gifted me her love and this is my gift to her.